Sam Lowe, Creative Director

Sam Lowe Sam Lowe
Creative Director

Sam's formal education is in illustration and design, but his personal passions include the skillful use of storytelling and psychology. Nearly 30 years of writing, designing, and coaching creative teams—with over half of those years in the direct-to-professional pharma discipline—have produced a well-rounded creative leader. His portfolio includes compelling and award-winning print and digital efforts for high-science brands, continuing education, medical devices, and more.

Sam graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Commercial Art Technology. Since then he's directed copy and editorial for the BMS HIV franchise including Reyataz and Sustiva, designed award-winning dental advertising for Johnson & Johnson, and led creative teams to digital glory for pharma clients such as Novartis, Santarus, Actelion, and King.

HRM distinguishes itself from other marketing services companies by its unique ability to analyze regional brand data. Sam believes that creative vehicles that "carry" the HRM approach must be just as data-derived. The fine art of developing a winning creative brief is, according to Sam, the most crucial part of any project, and what distinguishes a creative organization from its competitors. Regional creative demands a blend of data and insight that is more finely tuned than a broad stroke national brand approach. Sam integrates branding, data-driven marketing, and the specifics of relevant regional flavors to develop briefs and creative executions that achieve pre-determined goals.

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