HRM is full of fun-loving people who enjoy planning and participating in activities that bring us together beyond the typical office work. We strive to build a culture where people like to come to work.

In addition we have employee-run committees to enhance our culture and help us give back to our community.


The mission of TEAMimpact is to enhance our culture with an infusion of fun on our path to creating meaning and engagement. We all desire a workplace that allows us to imagine and create meaning in our work, encourages employee involvement, and promotes a culture that inspires us to cultivate one of the “Best Places to Work”.

TEAMimpact: imagine.involve.inspire.


At HRM we believe in Healthcare Outreach through Philanthropy and Education. Through TeamHOPE we give back to our community by volunteering our time and resources. We work to assist organizations dealing with issues faced by patients and HCPs in various disease states. TeamHOPE projects also help us to build common bonds for teamwork and self fulfillment.

Before working at HRM I worked for a large corporation that offered limited opportunities to make an individual difference to the overall company. Being at HRM I have had the opportunity to make an impact to a growing organization. A normal day for me doesn't just include client services; it also includes recruiting potential employees, planning our HRM quarterly community service events and maybe a game of putt-putt around the office. HRM provides an opportunity to grow, make an impact and have a little fun while doing it.

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