How to develop messaging, regionally

“Brand consistency.” “Uniformity of message.” Any Marketing 101 student will be able to tell you that if your brand's messages aren’t seamlessly aligned, you'll create confusion in the marketplace. 
And confusion equals chaos for your entire organization, from sales all the way through to your customer base. 
So what do you do when you learn that healthcare professionals in different parts of the country are responding to different aspects of your brand’s message? 
How do you put this key discovery to work without accidentally slicing your brand’s communication to bits? 
Here's what HRM recently did to solve just such a dilemma for one of our client's brands. 
First, we conducted a coast-to-coast Driver Analysis for the brand. This analysis considers how specific business drivers are affecting the most important districts.
Now, here's the part you’ve been waiting for: when similar markets are then grouped (see colored tabs above), you can more specifically determine how to message to those groups. “How to message” doesn’t mean creating new and distinct messaging for unique clusters of markets; that’s exactly what you don’t want to do. 
Instead, it's a matter of allocating the most relevant existing messaging to the most appropriately-identified cluster of districts. This extends to more than just messaging; this kind of grouped allocation drives the assignment of the best tactics from your quiver. In other words, the age-old wisdom of using the right tool for the job becomes a matter of efficiency: use only the right tool for the job in the right places. 
Chances are high that you've already developed efficiency messages, safety and tolerability messages, and other nuanced communication. Regional marketing the HRM way will ensure that you're putting specific emphasis where it matters—and where it'll be received—best. 
We—and our clients—are convinced with how effective this approach is. Give me a call today, and we'll show you how it will work for your brand.

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