Social Media as a Pharmaceutical Marketing Platform: Where Do We Start?

September 2011 MedAdNews

by Scott Weintraub
As featured in the September 2011 MedAdNews

"Three months ago your manager suggested you look into social media as a way to grow your brands/business. You had just started using Facebook at the request of a friend and you now connect with lost classmates and colleagues, but you have no idea how to use this tool for business.

The first thing you do is research FDA’s policies around social media. The more you read, the more you realize FDA is not going to give you clear direction for a few years, and you end up with a prescription pain killer-type headache.

A few months pass and you totally forget about your manager’s request until you see her again and she asks, “Social media—so have you figured out where you’re going to start?” Panicking, you blurt out what you know about Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You even weave LinkedIn into the conversation. You part ways with your manager saying, “It sounds like you have thought about this a good bit. By next Friday let me know where you plan to start.”

That is the million-dollar question: “Where do we start when it comes to social media as a marketing tool within the pharmaceutical industry?” The key word is “where,” but not the “where” you are probably thinking. While Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all great tools, they will not work everywhere."

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