Escalating Changes in Healthcare Industry Prompt New Thinking - "Regional Marketing: Healthcare in a Whole New Light" Available from Healthcare Regional Marketing, LLC

Latest white paper highlights regional marketing as an essential element of the marketing mix for pharmaceutical marketers striving to improve sales performance.

Regional Marketing: Healthcare in a Whole New LightCincinnati, OH – October 29, 2010 – The healthcare industry faces constant, rapid changes – including policy reform, tighter budgets, and smaller sales forces – prompting pharmaceutical marketers to approach their businesses in new ways to maximize their results. In response to these pressures, Healthcare Regional Marketing ( has published a new white paper titled, Regional Marketing: Healthcare in a Whole New Light.

“Driving pharma brand performance today means rethinking current strategies and processes,” explained Jeff Spanbauer, senior vice president and co-founder of Healthcare Regional Marketing, a firm specializing in regional marketing solutions. “One-size-fits-all marketing is no longer viable and marketers must look deeper into data to understand the factors driving their business. Importantly, they need to understand the variability of factors driving results from market to market. They will need different tactics to address different market drivers.”

Spanbauer goes on to define regional marketing as a strategy for driving market share based on the needs of the targeted audience. “Regional marketing leads to a targeted allocation of resources to the right markets for the greatest return on investment. It is an important part of the marketing mix and can help brands optimize their spending to achieve the best returns.”

The white paper – which is available for download on Healthcare Regional Marketing’s website: – reviews the key drivers of regional performance and offers examples that illustrate the regional marketing concept. The content also covers the importance of a market driver analysis as well as regional strategy, regional plan development, and regional deployment.

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